Julie Ann Campbell

Microsoft: Xbox One

I worked on numerous qualitative and quantitative design research projects for the Xbox One console during a nine-month contract at Microsoft. I was the sole researcher for most of the projects, and was responsible for all stages of the research and project management process from defining the scope to recommending changes based on the findings.
The original Xbox One was released in November, 2013. Between this launch date and 2015, there had been feature updates, bug fixes, and tweaks but no major overhaul of the system. I worked at Microsoft during the period when a totally new Xbox One shell was developed, and I provided research insights to designers and program managers as this update moved from concept, to prototype, to build.
My Work
  • Planned, conducted, analyzed, and reported on five usability tests of a prototype of the update.
  • Planned and oversaw five additional usability tests of the build of the shell.
  • Planned, conducted, analyzed, and reported on usability tests for other Xbox media and peripheral applications where the fidelity of the tested applications ranged from paper prototypes to polished builds.
  • Carried out supplementary participatory design and concept testing for the new interface.
  • Extrapolated from repeated usability study results to create durable guidelines for Xbox interface design.
  • Conducted a card sort and tree test of the settings information architecture.
  • Performed heuristic evaluations based on interface and interaction design best-practices.
  • Designed surveys and analyzed survey data.
  • Performed multiple literature reviews on varying topics including consumer behavior and onboarding experiences.
This article on Fast Company covers much of the user research work I engaged in. While the detailed findings of this work are confidential, you can see the dramatic shift in the Xbox One interface shown in the Home screen below. My research helped define crucial pieces of the interface including the navigation bar, tile layout, and scrolling distance.